Pumps & Softeners

Stadtke Plumbing and Heating Ltd. is one of the select few companies in the Northumberland region who are fully licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) to install pumps and well pressure systems.

When you hire the Stadtke team, you will have the reassurance that your pump will be professionally installed following all MOE standards and guidelines and ensuring maximum life expectancy of the pump.

By using a non-licensed installer, you may run the risk of voiding the manufacturer's warranty. Why take a risk on a major investment that plays such an important function in your family's everyday life?

A quick repair is often all that's required to extend the life of your pump and ensure that it is using the optimal amount of electricity. Often times the pump can be saved by just a simple repair.

Please visit the Ontario Ministry of Environment site for tips on wells and keeping your water safe.